Our Partner Associations

The mission of the Food Bank is to provide its partner associations with good quality foodstuffs in sufficient quantities. The foodstuffs are distributed among the associations which distribute them to people in difficulty throughout the country. If the principle is simple, the functioning of the whole distribution chain is framed by rigorous rules. Each depositary of food or other donations must prove his professionalism. The role of the Food Bank is therefore also to accompany its partners, to train them in the management and optimization of stocks and to advise them. The Food Bank regularly visits its partners to ensure that the food storage conditions are optimal and that the beneficiaries are satisfied.

The relationship between the beneficiary associations and the Food Bank is governed by a partnership agreement. This agreement establishes the commitments of each party. In particular, it defines the regulatory obligations in terms of food safety, transmission of information and respect for the principle of free access. These partnership agreements are renewed each year for associations that respect the principles.

Our Donors

The action of the Food Bank is only possible thanks to the generosity of donors. Their commitment through agreements for a limited or indefinite period of time allows us to ensure the sustainability of our actions.

In return, the Food Bank submits a detailed annual report of its activities to its various donors.

Our donors demonstrate social responsibility and contribute effectively to the economic and social development of the country.