Food Bank

Our actions

The Food Bank accompanies associations and EPS daily throughout the year.

In addition to the primary mission of collecting donations and redistributing in favor of needy populations, the Food Bank devotes a significant part of its aid to supporting actions in favor of social development.

Combating school dropout in rural areas

The rural world has primary schools in all the villages and douars of the Kingdom. On the other hand, middle and high schools are fewer in number and therefore further from the students’ homes. This is why the State, through the INDH, has built many boarding schools (dar talib and dar taliba) in order to limit school dropout related to remoteness. These residential schools are run by local associations, which need donors to ensure their proper functioning.

Also, the Food Bank intervenes by ensuring food supplies in non-perishable products and hygiene products (quarterly), by participating in the equipment of boarding schools (mattresses, blankets, pillows …) , and by handing over, depending on the collections, clothes, school materials, books …

Today, more than …………….students are enrolled in tar talebat supported by the Food Bank.

The result of this BA support for almost 15 years has significantly reduced the drop-out rate in the regions concerned. (less than 1% against 12% at national level).

The Food Bank aims to significantly increase the number of boarding schools supported.

Providing assistance to people with special needs

Women victims of violence, single mothers, abandoned or orphaned children, those in fixed homes and migrants are all populations to whom the Food Bank regularly provides assistance.

Participate in socio-medical caravans

Two to three times a year, the Food Bank contributes to other associations to the organization of socio-medical caravans for the benefit of the inhabitants of remote villages. These multidisciplinary caravans allow the of a village for a weekend. The caravans in which the Food Bank participates provide the villagers with medical services, food aid, blankets, mattresses and clothes.

Entertainment is organized for children to give the event a festive character.

The caravans are organized thanks to the involvement of volunteers (doctors, dentists, members of the Food Bank …)  

Providing assistance in emergency situations

The Food Bank has distinguished itself in emergency situations and natural disasters (El Hoceima earthquake in 2004, floods in 2009, 2010 and 2014, cold waves etc …)

It acts in consultation with associative partners and local authorities on the ground in the affected regions by delivering food aid as well as clothing, mattresses and blankets. This is in order to provide assistance to those affected as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation of schools

Following the floods that hit southern Morocco in 2014, it became clear to the Food Bank to intervene for the rehabilitation of schools, in line with its objective of promoting schooling in the rural world.