Collection and distribution

Throughout the year, the Food Bank collects foodstuffs and funds from public and private institutions, as well as individuals. At the same time, it allocates donations to charitable associations and Social Protection Establishments (SPE) with which it has partnership agreements.

The traceability of the donations is ensured upstream and downstream , with beneficiary associations undertaking not to sell the donations and to store them in decent conditions. Audits are regularly performed to this effect.

The Food Bank ensures that the beneficiary associations are up to date with their regulatory obligations in terms of governance.

A unique chain of solidarity

The main action of the Food Bank consists in collecting foodstuffs and redistributing them to associations.

However, many donors and sponsors give donations other than foodstuffs: hygiene products, clothes, school equipment, mattresses, blankets, furniture… These items contribute to the development of associations and SPEs and enrich the Food Bank’s range of donations.

Our logistic organization

Every day, large quantities of foodstuffs enter and leave the Food Bank’s warehouses.

As soon as they arrive in the warehouse, the foodstuffs are checked, sorted, registered and stored either in a cold room for perishable or refrigerated foodstuffs, or in racks for non-perishable products.

Distribution of food aid

The Food Bank distributes foodstuffs to the Social Protection Establishments (SPE) which depend on the National Mutual Aid and to numerous associations throughout the Kingdom, even in the most remote areas. The foodstuffs are either delivered by the Food Bank or by the beneficiaries.

At the service of a healthy and quality food

Food safety is an absolute priority for the Food Bank. The handling of foodstuffs requires strict safety and hygiene rules from the moment they are received in the warehouse. The objective is to eliminate any risk to the health of the beneficiaries.

Nowadays, most of the food distributed by the Food Bank is made up of non-perishables. In order to ensure a nutritional balance for the beneficiaries, the Food Bank seeks to multiply the donations of fruits and vegetables and other fresh products. The aim is to ensure a healthy, safe, qualitative and diversified diet.