Our History

The Food Bank is a non-profit association created in 2002.

The Food Bank was founded on principles that govern its daily life: Sharing, giving, volunteering, solidarity and the fight against food waste.


The main mission of the Food Bank is the collection of food from various donors and its redistribution to needy populations through a network of associations and social protection institutions throughout the country. It thus ensures the link between donors and beneficiary associations by providing its logistical means (storage, transport, delivery).

The Food Bank devotes a significant part of its aid to supporting actions in favour of social development, in particular the fight against school drop-out in rural areas.


The Food Bank provides regular supplies to more than 200 associations across Morocco. Its objective is to rid the beneficiary partner associations of the food constraint. Thus, the latter can devote themselves fully to their primary mission.

This goal cannot be achieved without the support and involvement of donors and volunteers.

The network of volunteers is crucial to ensure the successful completion of daily actions and exceptional situations.

In short, the objective of the Food Bank is to lift the food constraint to allow men and women to regain their dignity and become actors in society.