President’s words

Since 2002, the Food Bank has never stopped supporting the most disadvantaged.

Faithful to its primary mission of collecting foodstuffs from donors and redistributing them through a network of partner associations, the Food Bank uses food aid as a lever for social reintegration and the fight against exclusion.

In order to reduce school dropout rates in rural areas, the Food Bank assists nearly one hundred girls’ shelters (dar taleba) by providing them with non-perishable foodstuffs, hygiene products, clothing and school materials as well as dormitory equipment.

The Food Bank has also developed a real expertise in disaster management. Present during the disasters that have affected Morocco (earthquake, floods, cold wave…), the Food Bank knows how to act in an emergency and to show reactivity and agility in order to identify the best actions in the field and to assist the affected populations in a coordinated and timely way.

During the Covid crisis, the Food Bank once again demonstrated its ability to bring aid to a maximum number of people, including in the most remote regions of the Kingdom.

These actions are possible thanks to the unfailing support of our donors (public, corporate and foundation sponsorship).

I would also like to thank all the people and public institutions that allow us to carry high the values of solidarity and sharing.