Address: 293, Bd Moulay Ismael, Casabanca
Phone: +212 522 94 63 25


Support of residential shelters for girls and boys living in rural areas is one of the pillars of the Food Bank’s activities.

The help that is given to the 34 partner residential shelters includes not only food products but also hygiene products, bedding, blankets, clothing and school supplies…

The food donations that the Food Bank provides to these shelters represent more than 2/3 of their food needs. This aid ensures optimal functioning of the shelters as since the food constraint has been removed , it allows the center to focus on the care and follow-up of the young middle and high-school pupils.

Through this aid, the Food Bank enables, every year, 3300 middle school and high school girls and boys to stay in school in decent conditions.

The Food Bank aims to mobilize more donations so as to increase the number of student residential shelters it supports.

Since its creation in 2002, the Food Bank has enabled 13 000 girls and 5 200 boys to stay at school. Close to 1300 pupils have graduated from high school with their baccalaureate diploma and have pursued higher education.

The 27 partner residential shelters receive every year close to 220 tons of foodstuffs. The Food Bank hopes to mobilize more donors so as to respond positively to the new applications for help that have been received.