Address: 293, Bd Moulay Ismael, Casabanca
Phone: +212 522 94 63 25

Our objectives

Our primary objective is to promote education for girls and to reduce their school drop-out rate. This is achieved thanks to the sustainability of our action. Supplies are provided on a regular basis both in frequency and volume. Our aim is to remove the food constraint of our beneficiaries so as to permit these women and men to become an active member of society.

Today the Food Bank provides on a regular basis supplies to residences for young girls in rural areas, commonly known as « Dar Taleba » as well as to several social protection centers in Greater Casablanca. In doing so, the Food Bank makes its contribution to achieve the Millennium Development Goals n°2 related to education.

The Food Bank continues its projects for the rehabilitation of schools in rural areas and its interventions after natural catastrophes.

These actions could not be undertaken without the generosity of donors and volunteers. Also, it is necessary for the Food Bank to develop its network of donors as well as its partnerships with companies and organizations that can organize collections (daycare centers, schools, universities, institutions).